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Explore Live Trainings, Courses, Videos with the benefits of Certificate and Case Study Letter which you can put into your resume to show it as your experience.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Case Competition Certificate?

Case Competition Certificate is a acknowledgement you get after competing in Case Study. 

What are Advance Courses?

This are courses on various study field of cybersecurity which are created for beginner who want to start their career from scratch and land in the middle of somewhere.

What are Crash Courses?

Crash Coursers are also know as Pocket Cybersecurity in our older versions. Pocket Cybersecurity is a section where you will find detailed video on single topics valued at very low price so that you can learn more in details.

Are our certificate valid?

Yes we are officially registered company and we are also getting ISO Certification next month. So our certification will be authorized.

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